2020 Event Centre Location Revealed

24th Feb 2020

We're excited to reveal where the SILVA Great Lakeland 3Day will be heading this year. As ever only the Event Centre will be revealed in advance, leaving the overnight camp(s) a closely-guarded secret until you arrive to register come event weekend!

So where is it? Here's a clue (before you go scrolling down for the answer to check!):


Clue: This May we are off to the home of the best Gingerbread in the world! - The perfect mid-run snack? 

Also: One of the most popular traditional events in the English Lake District, where participants compete in a variety of sports, including Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling, Fell Running and Hound Trails, can be enjoyed in this very spot every August (and has been since 1868!)


Got it? Well Done! 


A wonderful weekend on the SILVA GL3D.

The 2019 SILVA Great Lakeland 3Day What a wonderful few days! We hope you all had a brilliant time! See you next year! Steve Ashworth Media

Posted by SILVA Great Lakeland 3Day on Tuesday, 7 May 2019


Where will our fantastic courses take you in 2020?

Through beautiful valleys, over awesome mountain tops, down fun and thrilling trails, past some stunning views and perhaps even into a local pub or cafe or two? All will be revealed when you receive your map at registration!  

In the mean time, to help you prepare please find below the expected total distances for each course over the three days: 

Café course ~ 65km / 3000m

Wainwright course ~ 90km / 5500m

Expert course ~ 115km / 8000m

How is the total distance split over the three days?

Day one will be a good warm-up, day two will have the most miles to cover and day three will be the shortest allowing everyone time to get packed up and head off home in good time. 

Remember you can swap courses as you wish over the 3 days.


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Who is looking forward to exploring more scenic trails in the stunning Lake District? ©Steve Ashworth




ADDRESS: The Showfield, Stock Lane, Grasmere, Cumbria