Tired Legs? Not This Year - Phil Davies To Provide Advanced Sports Massage

25th Apr 2016

For the first time ever at the GL3D, we're pleased to announce that we will be joined by Phil Davies, a fully qualified advanced sports massage therapist. Here are some notes from Phil on what you can expect during the event:




I am delighted to be able to support Ourea Events at the Great Lakeland 3 Day Event through bespoke sports massage, injury prevention and rehabilitation for competitors.



I am fully qualified and insured Advanced Sports Massage Therapist (IPTI). A former international athlete (representing Scotland at hill running for over 5 years), I have also won the elite class of the Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon and still regularly race on the fells. I was also part of the World Champion winning Saab-Salomon Adventure Racing Team for 8 years. I have a wealth of experience of endurance sport, knowledge of soft tissue injuries and conditions, not least those associated with repetitive strain injuries from endurance running. Amongst my 'roll call' of current patients, I treat several UK fell running champions, a senior national cyclocross champion, a British mountain bike record holder, the staff of a national MTB Training centre, as well as a broad list of recreational and competitive sports people. Patients can expect the benefit from years of endurance sport experience as well as a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology and remedial therapy techniques.


How Will You Benefit?

I will be tailoring all treatments to meet individual needs, your condition and your ambitions for the remainder of the event. Massage is a lot more than simply a 'general rub down!' You may be well aware of some of the advantages of Advanced Sports Massage for runners which include: faster recovery from long and hard exercise; better performance and increased capacity for endurance; the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries; the increased efficiency of muscles to metabolise fuel and for the lymphatic system to expel lactic acid and toxins. Together, these should help ensure you not only accomplish your goals, but that you can focus your mind on enjoying the event. Having treated everything from 'ITB syndrome / runners knee' to 'compartment syndrome' in competitors, I will be doing all that I can to help you.



The massage service will be available from 2pm-8pm on Saturday and 2pm-8pm on Sunday with a more limited service post-race at the finish on Monday. Just look out for the blue tent and the Sports Massage sign.


Booking a Massage

We will be operating a basic first come-first served system. If there is a queue and you see someone who is clearly in a great deal worse shape than you, you may decide to let them go ahead of you – it’s really up to you! 


Cost of Massage

£10 for 15 minutes (and £20 for 30 minutes if the queue allows!). This will provide time to focus on treating a particular part of your anatomy – quads, hamstrings, calf muscles, lower back, ITB etc. If you have a specific injury (rather than just fatigued muscles), this should also allow time for a diagnosis and treatment.


First Aid

Please be aware that the massage service is NOT a first aid service.


I wish all competitors a safe, challenging and adventurous event.


Phil Davies

Supple Dynamics Advanced Sports Massage; email: philrdavies@yahoo.co.uk;

mob: 07910 091221