2016 Event Sold Out + T-Shirt Design Revealed

31st Mar 2016 @ 12:01

Today the Great Lakeland 3Day™ event has officially sold out for the fourth time in five years. To preserve the unique and friendly atmosphere of the event, places are strictly limited each year as they have been since the earliest days of the GL3D.

Earlier this month, our popular Friday night 'Best of ShAFF' film screening also sold out over one month ahead of the event, despite doubling the capacity of the film tent since last year! However, we'd still encourage competitors to arrive on Friday evening to register in good time and join us for a brew/beer and even a pre-ordered Wilf's supper:

Simply log in to SI Entries (entry owner only) to order your tasty sausage casserole with bloomer and cake + custard desert for £6 now.


2016 T-Shirt Design

For those already entered, we are delighted to announce that we have chosen a high-quality organic cotton style T-shirt for pre-order only, and there is still time to purchase one (deadline Sunday 17th April).

Simply log in to SI Entries (entry owner only) to order your 2016 event T-shirt now



The design is revealed - this will make a great memento of the 2016 event, albeit it has meant revealing some of the checkpoints en route!


2016 Course details

We have finished putting the final touches to the map and the final distances and height gains now weigh in as follows:

Day 1
C Course - 22km / 1,300m
B Course - 33km / 1,900m
A Course - 40km / 2,600m
Elite Course - 56km / 2,800m

Day 2
C Course - 29km / 1,500m
B Course - 33km / 2,500m
A Course - 44km / 3,100m
Elite Course - 53km / 3,500m

Day 3
C Course - 17km / 900m
B Course - 23km / 1,500m
A Course - 26km / 1,700m
Elite Course - 32km / 1,700m



Ard Crags, Derwent Fells. Who can we contact to replicate the conditions above for the 2016 event? Image ©tomhecht.co.uk


Final competitor information will be e-mailed out to competitors and displayed as a news item on the website in due course.


The Great Lakeland 3Day™ Team