2014 Course Summary Distance & Height Gain

1st May 2014

Above: Race Director Shane Ohly introduces the summary course distance and height gains  for the 2014 GL3D™... from the summit of Red Screes!


The early GL3D™’s aimed to run about 25 miles on average per day and this is the distance that we now aim for on the A Course. Usually the first and second days are slightly further/harder than the last day to help participants get away at a reasonable time after the event has finished.

A summary of our planners target average distance for each day is:

C Course = 24 km / day (15 miles)        
B Course = 32 km / day (20 miles)        
A Course = 40 km / day (25 miles)        
E Course = 48 km / day (30 miles)        

It’s worth noting that the race planner (Charlie Sproson for 2012, 2013 and 2014, from Mountain Run) has a large degree of discretion whilst planning the event and will be considering the runability and height gain on each course.  

The 2014 summary of the courses is:

  Day 1 (optimal) Day 2 (optimal) Day 3 (optimal) Total (optimal)
  Distance (km) Height (m) Distance (km) Height (m) Distance (km) Height (m) Distance (km) Height (m)
C Course 24.1  1,183 22.4  748 19.5  968 65.9  2,899
B Course 31.3  1,590 34.9  2,129 26.7  1,201 92.8  4,920
A Course 40.0  2,373 46.8  2,883 29.2  1,765 115.9  7,021
E Course 46.2  2,738 50.9  3,264 36.0  2,052 133.0  8,054


One final note. These are the planners ‘optimum distances and height gain’. This means that these distance and height gains are for the optimum running route between each checkpoint and not the straight line distance between each checkpoint. It is always possible to run further with a poor route choice and often it is possible to run less distance if you are prepared to tackle additional ascent.