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2015 Feedback



Huge thank you to all the organisers, marshals and anyone else behind the scenes for putting on such a well organised...

Posted by Lottie Shepherd on Wednesday, 6 May 2015

It's only now that I can fully appreciate what an amazing event that was! Thank you to everyone, organisers, competitors, supporters, dogs who helped to make the weekend such a success.

Posted by Hannah Gilman on Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Another truly GREAT Lakeland 3 Dayer... With so many races out there it's hard to justify doing the same event over and...

Posted by Braddan D B Johnson on Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Great and super friendly event: well organised as ever and fun even in the difficult conditions on Sunday. A big thank you and "well done" to all involved in organising and putting on GL3D 2015 :-)

Posted by Jim Tinnion on Monday, 4 May 2015

Brilliant weekend , well organised. as always. The hard work by marshals and everyone involved behind the scenes...

Posted by Joe Kenny on Monday, 4 May 2015



Another fantastic, well run event. Hard to see how you could improve on this year's version. The films and in particular the addition of the raffle more than made up for the weather. Quite glad in some ways the trains didn't work out as would not have taken the time normally to get up the fells around Muncaster itself which are little gems. Organisationally I can't fault it and I agree with all your other contributors that the social aspect of the competition is central to its unique feel.
Tim Miller

I just wanted to thank you and your team for putting on a fabulous event (despite the weather). It was our first go at the great lakes 3 day and we had a great time. Your amazing team of volunteers worked really hard and the atmosphere was lovely. We're looking forward to the next one
Rosie Todd

Firstly I just wanted to say we really enjoyed our first GL3D…. and we’re already talking about coming back next year. The films shown on the Friday night were also good.
Helen Stockham

Thanks once again for a great event. Despite the rather inhospitable weather at times it was still a highly enjoyable event and great fun! Please thank Heather and her team for all the excellent food and drinks. Also all the volunteers who were without exception cheerful and helpful at all times of day!
Cath Holloway

Brill event, really enjoyed it. What a change from uncomfortable -MMs- especially as I could take my dog. I will be back next year, thanks for the help and understanding for forgetting tent poles.
Jane Hornsby

Great 3 days, really well organised, excellent course. The decision to shorten the courses on day 2 was the right decision in view of the weather that was anticipated. Cracking event, best regards.
Dave Banks.

Reiterate your comments re the marshals. They are a well-drilled crew but also knew, and cared, enough about what was going on to always be able to provide help and assistance when required.
I love the idea of the 'journey' through the Lakes. Makes more sense than the (sometimes) contrived routes in other MMs that I've done and also the flexibility to do your own thing... Hopefully it won't be three years before I'm back!
Andy Painter

Thank you for a fantastic introduction to the 'mountain marathon' scene. I'd never done an event like this but am inspired to do more! Really appreciated the volunteers' smiles and help, (plus the beer and cake !) and a fabulous route which reminded me how stunning our Lake District is. A huge Thank you to all involved.
Karen Bevan-Mogg

My quads are screaming, my nose is streaming, I'm missing a compass, with some toenails likely to follow. But I had the time of my life going up and down Lakeland’s magic mountains for 70-odd miles in all weathers (mostly increment) at the ruddy excellent Great Lakeland 3Day mountain marathon, with some very fine folk indeed. And free beer.
Damian Hall

Fantastic weekend. thanks to all who made it possible- Shane, Charlie, Heather all the marshals....... Great company from those I ran with at various stages too.
Karen Nash

Thank you all very much for a fantastic bank holiday weekend. Stunning, challenging, fun, satisfying all in equal measures. It was amazingly well organised and you have a fab team of marshals - a huge thank you to them, too. It's also really good value for money - from tea, coffee, cake, beer, transport of kit and competitors, marquees, maps, a VAST amount of planning and checkpoints - a lot has gone into this event. It was our first one and we will definitely be back! See you for the Marmot 24 - I hope it will be warmer and drier!!
Christine Jennings

2014 Feedback

Brilliant, just brilliant. Great to get away from it all. Hope to see you again next year! Thanks guys x
Sarah Ledbury

Well that was bloody brilliant, brutally unsubtle, and marvellous fun. Thanks to all involved in making it happen, and too all those lovely fellow competitors for creating such a great atmosphere.
Carlos Theshackle

Thanks for a fantastic weekend I'm still smiling about it, well organized, good routes and good company. I'm now looking forward to the Marmot 24 with a lot more confidence.
Chris Lund

Excellent event. The hot water, cake, beer and marque are excellent ideas. Will be back next year and would recommend the event to others. Thanks for organising it.
Dave Banks

Many, many thanks for creating the cafe' class. I think you know that I had THE most amazing time. For me there was nothing at all to complain about, from the first few moments at registration to the last few painful miles to Howtown I enjoyed every minute. Such a friendly, relaxed event, and you all seemed to smile all the way through it. Probably the best set of marshals in the world!
Susan Graham

Just to say thanks to all of your team again for a great GL3D last weekend. I had a blast and I know my fellow Kendalians (Banks/Grose) also very much enjoyed it as well. I felt a bit guilty that we knew pretty much all the routes from all our KAC training runs, fell races and other events... didn't stop the odd error on my part though (Stone Arthur)... Great atmosphere, great weather, stunning routes (literally), excellent organisation, cake and beer! I'd say the best MM event I've done yet. Many thanks.
Rob Harper

Allthough I had to pull out after day one I had a great time and big thanks for all the kind comments and the fantastic help that Shane and his team gave me. I hope to be on the starting line next year and once my foot is sorted lots more recce trips to the Lakes before. Keep up the good work.
Ian Gray

Fantastic weekend, thanks to all involved for making it a massive success. Also good to meet up with some familiar (and new) faces. A great annual retreat away from the hectic lifestyles we all lead - enjoyed in the company of like minded people in the beautiful lakeland fells .
Joe Kenny

Thanks for the late entry at the weekend - I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was really pleased that I got the map the right way up most of the time. As always things were extremely well organised meaning I could relax and enjoy being out in the hills. Please pass on my thanks to the team - they were all brilliant.
Jim Mann

Fantastic! Thanks Shane, Charlie and all the marshals and volunteers for making such a brilliant event ; )
Sophia Tam

Thank you so much for an absolutely brilliant weekend.  Doing these events is my equivalent of a yoga retreat - no chance of a phone call on the hills!  Thank you to fellow competitors and marshals for the lovely welcoming atmosphere.  Great fun and I’ll definitely be back next year.
Margaret Heath

I though I would let the dust settle before I dropped you a quick message thanking you for this years GL3D. It was a lot of fun and although I physically wasn't in a great place I thoroughly enjoyed myself. If there were any areas I could provide constructive criticism then I would but genuinely I could not fault any of the effort/administration/passion that went into the event. I particuarly enjoyed the boat, the keg heater on the first night and the Beer (pease don't remove the beer in the future). Thank you and hopefully see you at some of your events or other MMs in the future.
Edd Charlton Weedy
Many thanks for a brilliant and memorable weekend! The whole arrangement and services at the camps were outstanding!
Niklas Holmström - Sweden

Thanks to Shane, Charlie and all the marshals and racers. Definitely got more sleep, more beer, less bag and tent handing competing than marshalling Thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Jean Sinclair

Just like to say how much I enjoyed the event, as a late entry, all was a bit of a surprise, when my pal, Ken Clarke, asked to to join him, as Guy Jackson couldn't make it. Lucky me! Organisation top notch, friendly staff, top notch routes, top notch, absolutely flawless, think you may see me next year, thanks again for a great weekend.
Roy Stark

Another year, another beasting. Must try harder next year. Great event Shane, Charlie & team. I know how hard you work between overnights, that's why I had to do day two this year!
Peter Parsons

Fantastic event again! Congrats to all involved in both sides of the event for a top level atmosphere. Devastated to have to bow out after only one day but cant thank everyone enough for their support /sympathy / advice. Great to see familiar faces and make some new friends. I have a strange feeling we'll meet again this time next year if not before
Braddan D B Johnson

What a fantastic event. Thanks to all the volunteers and race organisers. Met some lovely people and it was a really friendly atmosphere. Nav courses booked this morning to help me do better next time.
Jo Rae

Great event, really enjoyed it, hope to be back next year. Well done Shane and the team.
Ian Edwards

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you and all your wonderful helpers for a really great weekend. John, Sid, Ian and I had a wonderful 3 days, great routes and a well organised event, so thanks again and hopefully we will be there next year!
Karen Charles

Thank you so much for the great race and all the hard work you out in to make it such a success for us runners!
Kerstin Rosenqvist - Sweden

I wanted to say how impressed I was with this year's event. I felt the changes you have made from 2013 were very noticeable and effective and I'm sure that you will act on the points you have already highlighted in the race report (HERE). It was nice to get the unexpected hat from Lowe Alpine but I wonder whether the results could be set up in future to show age classes as well?
Tim Miller

I just want to send a few words and tell you that I very much enjoyed the GL3D! Great arrangement as well as excellent services from the very start to the happy finish! A nice and challanging course and different kind of weather conditions made the event true Lakeish!
Niklas Holmström - Sweden

Thanks for a brilliant weekend, fully enjoyed it. Will defiantly be entering next year.
Ian Turrell

What a fantastic event, your volunteers and you should be very proud. I'll be back next year, but I'll probably step down from elite.
Andy Wilson

It was a great event, well organised, great atmosphere, good challenging courses, nice little touches like the constant hot water/biccys and a cup of beer if you fancied it.
I’ve done the event twice and will be getting on the early bird for 2015. Thanks everyone.
Tony Harris

Thanks to yourself, Charlie & all the volunteers for an excellent weekend. very well organised with great thought to the competitors comfort, e.g. enough loos & hot water boilers. I will definitely be back next year.
Jonathan Whilock

Thanks for putting this on. Really enjoyed it. I think the informality of it coupled with the great camaraderie and the fun time in the beer tent each evening is what makes this such a nice event. The boat trip to start was novel (although I also predicted it) and the muck spread field on the second night was quintessentially English. Good job to yourself, Charlie for a super tough course, Andy and all the other super volunteers. This race is a keeper and I hope to come back and enjoy it again in the not too distant future.
Jon Barker - USA


2013 Feedback


A great weekend. A family gathering of fit grandparents and son, age was not a problem and our fitness and relaxed attitude to competition made the physical demands easily achievable. Ben with his huge mountain experience, all the necessary kit including a spacious tent and cooking gear made for a comfortable camp every night, Stephanie particularly appreciated having us set up the camp before she finished each day and packed away after she departed each morning. Nobody else on the GL3D got service like that! The general organisation was superb, challenging routes could easily be shortened if navigation,weather or weariness troubled us. The help of those whose navigational skills were better than ours was much appreciated and the friendliness of everyone was lovely. Many thanks.
Mike, Stephanie and Ben Warrick

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, and plan to return for more next year.
Steve Lang

We knew it was going to be a tough weekend and that was before the clag made navigation somewhat interesting!!! First time I have tried an event of this format; a true test of mind and body. Will be back for another dose next year.
Dave Thompson

Thanks for a great weekend. I really enjoyed it.
Paul Arts

Just to say thanks again for a fab weekend - an excellent first mountain marathon experience!
Sarah Walters

I really enjoyed the event, despite the weather!
Nigel Coe

Thanks for a terrific weekend.
Mark Rawlinson


2012 Feedback


After the 2012 event we carried out a detailed and anonymous online survey of the competitors and were delighted to discover that:

  • The event was rated as ‘Perfect’ by 19%, ‘Excellent’ by 74% and ‘Good’ by the remaining 7% (we are working on that!)
  • 97% of competitors said they would recommend the event to their friends

Below we have collated some of the feedback from competitors at the 2012 event:

The GL3D is an excellent challenge which is really well run by the organisers, and presents an interesting mix of decisions: Which kit, which food, which route, how many clothes, how fast to run etc. It visits some really wild parts of the Lakes, which you might never find on your own. And, the sheer amount of climbing on the route makes it a no-nonsense mountain marathon, which will make you very proud when you finish each section.

Anderson Hirst

Thanks to you and the team for a fantastic weekend. The weather certainly helped but everything went very smoothly from my point of view. Can't fault anything really: everyone very friendly and supportive. 3 hard days was going to be a test for many of us but the flexibility of start times and non-competitiveness of the event meant that we could concentrate on ourselves and getting round the course safely. Major pluses: Plastic map, water boiler always on, not elitist. A fantastic event, exactly what is says on the tin. Three days in the Lakes and it was, well, great!

Andy Painter

Facebook Comments

Thanks to all the competitors and marshals for a brilliant weekend. The weather was much much better than expected, which always helps. Photos, results, report etc for the website early next week.

Great Lakeland 3Day

Thanks for a great weekend, really enjoyed it (i think). I'm currently enjoying my recovery :))

Simon Harrison 

Thanks for putting on such a great event - far too soon to say I enjoyed it!

Simon Caldwell 

Definitely a recovery week required after that! Thanks for putting on a great event, it was worth the trip down. The weather didn't disappoint either!

Colin Russell

Thanks to Shane & Charlie and everyone else for a great weekend, good to meet up with competitors from previous years and see a lot of new faces.

John Worth

Top weekend, well organised, like-minded souls, beer un mountains.

Adam Neale

Got to agree with the above comments - fantastic weekend, controls/route planning, organisation, beer, and as yet an undrunk bottle of cidre - cheers Shane, cheers Charlie

Andrew Burton