Winners 1998 - 2013

Historically the GL3D hasn't really been about winners. However, each year there are some competitors that race the course, with competition for first place usually stiff, and we'd like to record their achievements here. From 2013 onwards there have been multiple courses but only the elite course winners are recorded on this page.

If you can help fill in any of the gaps that would be greatly appreciated.

Year First Male First Female
1998 Garry Perratt Christine Preston?
1999 Al Powell Hilde Krynen
2000 Al Powell Hilde Krynen
2001 Rick Ansell None
2002 Mark Higginbottom Gill Harris
2003 Garry Perratt ?
2004 Ian Cowie Gill Harris
2005 Andy Davies Heather Dawe
2006 Steve Birkinshaw Shona Robertson
2007 Chris Near Pilar Near
2008 Philip Pearson Moire O'Sullivan
2009 Ali Hubbard Jo Scott
2010 No Event
2011 No Event
Colin Russeli & Kev Harper Linda Smith
2013 Stewart Bellamy Catherine Holloway