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Next event: 4-6th May 2019 (Early May Bank Holiday) - Entries are OPEN!



Not all overnight camps are equal...


Please ensure you are familiar with the Terms & Conditions of entering before you hit the enter button above


An entry into the SILVA Great Lakeland 3Day™ 2019 includes the following:
  • Hot drink and complimentary cake after each day of running
  • Transportation of your overnight kit between each overnight campsite
  • Participation in the UK's only 3-day mountain marathon
  • A choice of 3 different courses (Expert, Wainwright, and Café)
  • Flexibility to switch between courses each day
  • Optional luxury food (think wood-fired pizza*) availability at overnight camps (save cooking!)
  • Professionally erected participants' marquee at each overnight camp
  • The infamous 8pm SILVA quiz, raffle, and daily round-up at each overnight camp
  • SPORTident race timing for course split times and official results (including loan of dibbers to each participant)
  • Exclusive 15% discount code to use in The Climbers Shop, online or in the Ambleside shop
  • Bespoke, accurate and waterproof pre-marked maps for each participant
  • Camping at the Event Centre on Friday 3rd May and free parking for the weekend
  • Overnight campsite on Saturday 4th May and Sunday 5th May
  • Free hot water (for drinks and rehydrating meals - not for washing!) at the Event Centre and Overnight Camps
  • Finishers' meal + cake + unlimited tea/coffee - *new* Wilf's veg & bean casserole* with cheese & bread - for all participants on Monday 6th May
  • Emergency medical cover during the race
  • A well planned and professionally organised race by Ourea Events

Places are limited to retain the unique, friendly atmosphere of the event. 

* Exact vendors to be confirmed.


The-most-relaxed-event-ever ┬ęSteve Ashworth

It's hard not to relax on the GL3D! ©Steve Ashworth


Optional Extras
  • 20:00 Friday Night Cinema - £5: Details on films coming soon.
  • Friday Night Meal & Drink - £8: Take the hassle out of cooking your pre-race meal; complement the above with a tasty vegetarian sausage casserole* with bloomer bread and cake + custard dessert + hot drink.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast - £5: Hard-boiled egg or vegetarian sausage sandwich + large bowl of muesli or cereal with semi-skimmed milk + hot drink of choice.
  • Official limited edition 2018 SILVA Great Lakeland 3Day™ Event T-shirt - a highly commemorative t-shirt with a bespoke wordcloud of 2019 checkpoints. Colour and design to be confirmed - £22.95



The design of the 2018 official event T-Shirt for reference (no spoilers!]


Entry Price


Early Bird Entry Price
July 2018 - September 2018
Standard Entry Price
October 2018 - March 2019
Late Entry Price
April 2019
£150 per person £170 per person £190 per person


Since 2012, the event has almost always sold out! Don't delay entering.


Please ensure you are familiar with the Terms & Conditions of entering before you hit the enter button above



Please note - only individual entries are possible. This is to best facilitate the opportunity for those running in informal pairs to split up more easily and allow the results to display most legibly! Fear not, we still absolutely encourage the tradition of pairs starting and finishing together on the event.

Food and t-shirts are only available if booked in advance. Deadline for ordering t-shirts is Sunday 7th April 2019. Deadline for ordering food is Sunday 21st April 2019. Tickets for the cinema showings are limited to the capacity of our marquee cinema!

*(allergens: celery (and celeriac), sulphites & sulphur dioxide)