Although other drybags are available (and welcome), we highly recommend this PD350 Ortlieb drybag as it is perfect for the purpose of the SILVA GL3D.





We insist on a standardised drybag for all participants for four reasons:

1) Fairness - Every participant has the same maximum weight and sized bags.
2) Safety - We need to lift and manoeuvre several hundred drybags twice per day.
3) Transport – Drybags must be very similar sizes for optimum stacking and packing whilst they are transported AND there is a maximum load limit that each vehicle must stay within.
4) Weather - Once at the overnight camp/finish, the drybags are stored outside, no matter the weather conditions!

Starting at £22.50 for free UK delivery (£26.50 for European delivery)

This item was on sale until Monday 24th April. There will be a limited quantity available at the event centre.