2017 Final Information

21st Apr 2017

We're delighted to share the 2017 SILVA Great Lakeland 3Day™ final information with you and look forward to seeing you next weekend. There's something for everyone in the new 3-course structure to the event this year and we can't wait to hear your feedback. Remember - you can switch courses whenever you like at this event!



The 2017 map is printed and ready for a 3-day journey around the Lake District


If you have any questions about the event that are otherwise not answered in the details section of the homepage, please don't hesitate to get in touch




We expect that most participants will be arriving on Friday late afternoon/evening and are likely to head straight for the parking field. This parking field will be open from 16:00 at the very earliest.

  • We recommend arriving from the west in order to avoid an awkward turn-in if headed from the east.
  • The field is just for parking, you must not camp in this field.
  • Large camper vans will be best parked on the gravel area in proximity to the Sports & Social Centre - please see the map below for detail (caravan icon).
  • One-way only: Once you are parked in the field, you will not be able to leave again until post-event.

Please arrive before 22:30 if aiming to arrive on Friday. The field will be open again from 06:00 on Saturday morning.



Friday night camping

There is a short (200m) walk from the parking field around to where the Event Centre marquee, facilities, and camping are located.

  • It will be possible to use the drop-off zone indicated on the location map (on the above it is where the caravan icon is) if you have a particularly heavy tent in order to drop it off and then park.

Camping on Friday night will be possible on the sidelines of the football field and plastic pegs will be supplied by the Sports & Social Centre. This is so that it is in closest possible proximity to the toilet and shower block area.

  • Tents must be removed by the time you start on Saturday (they cannot be left pitched all weekend).
  • Outside 'potwash' facilities are available.

Access to 24-hour toilet and shower block is via a coded-entrance to the back of the building - the code will be available from Event HQ (the marquee).


Camping - ready to go!

Preparing the overnight kit bag ready for drop-off - photo ©iancorless.com


Event Centre

Comprises of a large marquee installation in which registration, food/drink, the shop, and seating will feature. This is Event HQ.

If you have no car to leave extra kit in (for instance, you are travelling from abroad or via public transport), it will be possible to leave a small bag in the marquee, for pick-up on Monday again, at your risk - please do not leave valuables as we can not accept responsibility for any items left.

The neighbouring building (the Sports and Social Centre itself) features facilities (as below) and plays host to the Friday evening cinema and bar also. 



For the first time ever at the SILVA GL3D, we are able to treat participants with the option of a shower after your 3-day journey! Please expect basic showering facilities (football changing rooms).

Toilets, outside potwash, beer, shop, food, drinking water, Joey's Barista Coffee, and the warmth and company of other competitors as they ponder over their map with a beer/cake/meal to plot their journey over the next three days also feature.


Film night 


Friday night

Two film showings will feature starting at 19:00 and 20:30. The bar will be open. Due to extra capacity, we will be selling extra tickets at registration - please bring cash.

This is the best programme at the SILVA GL3D to date and features some incredible award-winning films - see what films will be screening.


Bring cash

On Friday evening and Monday at the finish we'll have various items of highly-discounted, quality outdoor kit for sale. We will be able to accept card payments over £5 for shop items, however, we recommend you bring plenty of cash along for extras such as beer, extra cake, massage, and Joey's fantastic barista coffee/tea/hot chocolate!



You must register either Friday evening or Saturday morning. This is when you will receive your:

  1. Map
  2. SI dibber
  3. Car sticker (if requested during entry)
  4. T-Shirt (if pre-ordered)
  5. Fri pm/Sat am meal token (if pre-ordered)
  6. Friday Night Film ticket (if pre-ordered or purchasing spares)
  • Please ensure you bring valid photo ID for registration.
  • If you signed-up as a pair, please come together to register.

There is absolutely no rush to register at 18:00 on the dot - there is often a queue at this time, so we hope to catch you at anytime between 18:00 and 21:55 on Friday evening or 06:00 and 08:00 on Saturday morning.


Bag weighing

Will you pass the 13kg bag weighing first time? ©iancorless.com


Overnight kit drybag drop-off

You will be able to drop your overnight kit drybag with the relevant event vehicle anytime registration is open, providing it is a bag of no greater capacity than 59L and within the 13kg weight limit. Weighing scales will be provided near registration for you to test that your bag's weight.

Only correctly sized and weighed bags will be accepted onto the event vehicles.

Please see our website for further information or if you need to buy a 59L drybag still (deadline for purchases Monday 24th April)


Overnight Camps

Sports massage

Between ~15:00 and 20:00 at both the overnight camps, a sports masseuse will be on hand offering 15-minute sessions for £10 (cash only)


Joey's Coffee


Barista coffee from Joey’s Coffee

Joey’s Coffee will be attending the SILVA GL3D™ over the weekend and competitors will be able to purchase the highest quality barista served coffee (hot chocolates with marshmallows very likely too!). Joey’s Coffee is always a big hit with competitors and volunteers at our events.


Beer & cider

We are delighted to confirm that Bowness Bay Brewing, a local Lakes brewery, will be again supplying superb beer and cider for the GL3D™. This will be available to purchase on Friday night at the Event Centre and at both the Saturday and Sunday overnight camps... while stocks last! 


SILVA raffle

SILVA will also be providing a great selection of small raffle prizes for the now traditional evening raffle at 20:00 each evening (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and only competitors present in the marquee at the time are eligible. Your raffle ticket is your team number… you just need to be there to be in with a chance of winning! 


Ecological Briefing

This Ecological Briefing Note has been prepared for the 2017 SILVA GL3D event to identify key ecological interest features that contribute to the special character of the event area, with route selection comments to help minimise the risk of localised ecological disturbance.

Please read ahead of the event


Schedule Summary


1600 – Event Centre and car parking opens to participants. Please do not arrive before 1600 as it will not be possible to access the site.
1800 to 2155 – Registration and shop open (maps issued at registration)
1800 to 2200 – Pre-booked meals available. Cake and beer available to purchase
1900 & 2030 - Best of ShAFF Films start (extra tickets available on the door)


0600 to 0800 – Registration open (all participants must be registered by 0800)
0600 to 0800 – Pre-booked breakfast available
0700 to 0900 – Expert & Wainwright courses start
0800 to 0900 – Wainwright & Café courses start

2000 – SILVA Raffle #1 + daily announcements


0700 to 0900 – Starts

2000 – SILVA Raffle #2 + daily announcements


0700 to 0900 – Starts
Afternoon – Finishers' meal


Mandatory Kit

Please familiarise yourself with the mandatory kit list. If there's anything you haven't got...


Climbers Shop - discount code

Our partnership with The Climbers Shop in Ambleside means that you receive a discount of 15% off an order before 19th May using code [emailed to participants only] both online or in the shop itself.


The Climbers Shop



We look forward to welcoming you to Coniston next week. If you have any questions about the event that are otherwise not answered in the details section of the homepage, please don't hesitate to get in touch

Regards from the SILVA Great Lakeland 3Day™ event team,