Courses Revamped For 2017 Event

29th Mar 2017

Participants at the 2017 event will be the first to test out the revamped ExpertWainwright, and Café courses for 2017.

Expert course

Directly replacing the ex-'Elite class', this course is a serious test of endurance, and is only suitable for the most experienced participants!



Planning the day's route at the SILVA Great Lakeland 3Day™ 2016

Wainwright course

To fully embrace the best of the Lake District, we've committed to designing this course to take in as many of the 214 Wainwrights as possible (in 3 days!). Expect 4-5 a day on average as checkpoints this year, with up to ~10 a day with small deviations off the racing line! A Wainwright bagger's dream, the route will also by definition be visiting generally the finer summits of the area.
The Wainwright course replaces the ex-A & ex-B courses. 



How many Wainwrights can you spot in this 2015 SILVA GL3D T-shirt?


Café course

In keeping with the friendly and relaxed nature of the event, we thought it best to acknowledge the long-running nickname of the ex-'C class', and officially apply the name to the easiest course at the GL3D! This is the course that will appeal to walkers and runners who like to take a more relaxed journey.


A café is located on a previous SILVA Great Lakeland 3Day™

As always, the really exciting component of the SILVA GL3D™ is that you simply enter the event, and then choose whichever course you prefer on the day.

As this is the first year of the new courses, we'll be sure to be on hand at the event centre for you to ask us any questions on the course options (for both experienced and new participants alike). Meanwhile, some further details are available in the details section.

We hope to see you in Coniston this April. Final details will be announced by mid-April.

Entries close April 16th or before if sold out!