2015 Course Information

2nd May 2015


Once again we have a treat in store for participants at the Great Lakeland 3Day™. The planning brief is to design journeys through the mountains that are following classic and natural lines including long ridges, valley trails and a mix of iconic and rarely visited mountain summits.

This year our Elite and A courses are starting from the Ravenglass Event Centre and taking a grand journey to the first Overnight Camp in the Newlands Valley. The B and C (café class) participants are being bussed deep into Eskdale for a shorter day but everyone finishes at the same Overnight Camp.

On our second day everyone heads back south to our second Overnight Camp in Little Langdale. From here, competitors return to Ravenglass on Monday 4th making full use of the extended bank holiday weekend. Once again, the two shorter courses finish in Eskdale with a mini bus shuttling them back to Ravenglass, while the Elite and A course enjoy a long back into the Event Centre.

The course distances and height gains for 2015 are shown below. Please remember that these are the planners optimum routes… it is possible to run further... and some do!

Above: Summary of the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Course Distances and Height Gains.


As you would expect, the Elite Courses takes in more of the highest and most challenging terrain, whilst the C Course picks a route between some great Lakeland Cafes and therefore is more valley based. The A and B Courses offer incremental increases in difficultly.

All the courses are slightly less distance than last year but the B and C Courses make up for this by having a little more ascent. The A and E Courses have very similar amounts of ascent when compared to 2014. We feel that the courses are generally more runable than 2014 but with some distinct tougher sections. Overall, we believe that the 2015 courses will be very similar in standard to the 2014 courses.