GL3D™ 2013 – Final Details

18th Apr 2013

Below is a copy of the Final Details email, which has been sent to all competitors participating in the 2013 GL3D™.

Above: This is where you will all be going on day one... the Helvellyn range (as painted from Whinlatter with Keswick in the foreground). Another fantastic painting by Heather Dawe.


Dear Competitors,

We are just over two weeks away from the 2013 GL3D™ and everything looks set for fantastic long weekend of mountain running... I have even got a good feeling about the weather!

Yesterday, I checked through all the competitors experience and it is really reassuring to see that the vast majority of you have an amazing array of mountain running, walking, event and expedition experience from all round the World. I sure that you will all have some great stories to share with each other, whilst out on the fells or while sharing a post run beer. That said, there are also a few less experienced competitors who are stepping up and making the GL3D™ their first mountain marathon. I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all of you.

The event will be nearly twice the size of last year with around 100 competitors but this is still small enough to keep that unique ‘relaxed and friendly’ atmosphere that the GL3D has become justifiably renowned for.

The Event Centre is at Dowthwaite Head Farm. This is where you will register, park for the weekend and start (on Saturday) and finish (on Monday). You are welcome to camp here on the Friday night prior to the event. Registration is open from 1800 – 2200 on Friday 3rd and 0700 – 0900 on Saturday 4th. Please do not arrive at Dowthwaite Head Farm before 1600.

When you register, you will be issued with your map, which will be used for all three days. The map is pre-printed with all the checkpoints for all three courses. We would strongly advise that you bring a permanent, waterproof pen to mark up your chosen course.

Start Times
The last start on Saturday 4th is 1000 and first start is 0700. It is really important that if you think you will be going slowly, to start early, and if you think you will be going quickly, to start later. If you get your start time badly wrong, there is a risk you could be timed out or arrive at the finish before us! We would advise all competitors to register with sufficient time to examine the course options on the map carefully before starting.

The Overnight Campsites
On the first night (Saturday 5th) we will be adjacent to a commercial campsite and will therefore have access to their loos and shower block. You will need £1 coins for the showers. Like our Event Centre, the campsite on the second night (Sunday 6th) is remote with no in-situ facilities.

Course Statistics
The approximate course distances and height gains are shown in the table below. These are based on the planners optimum route (i.e. not a straight line between the checkpoints).

  Day 1 (optimal) Day 2 (optimal) Day 3 (optimal) Total (optimal)
  Distance (km) Height (m) Distance (km) Height (m) Distance (km) Height (m) Distance (km) Height (m)
B Course 32.59  1,961 33.76  2,526 24.44  1,596 90.79  6,083
A Course 41.52  2,481 42.80  3,081 29.81  2,191 114.13  7,753
E Course 48.43  2,968 47.11  3,705 41.25  2,458 136.79  9,131


Wilfs catering will be providing our cakes (Saturday and Sunday evening) and finishers meals on the Monday afternoon.

Andrew Burton is the intoxicating liquor expert, and he has organised the beer, which will be available on the Saturday and Sunday afternoon/evening. We will also be providing some alternative soft drinks for the non–beer drinkers. Quantities of both will be limited so its choice between one or the other.

Charlie Sproson, our planner from 2012 and 2013, has organised for a bottle of ‘AOC – Ancient Orchard Cider’ for all the finishers to take home on the Monday. Charlie’s family produces the AOC cider.

After the 2012 GL3D™ we put together an inspiring collection of competitor’s photos and video (here) and we would really like to do this again. So, please feel free to snap and film away.

Heather Dawe Print
In a break from tradition, we will be offering a limited edition print from Heather Dawe to both the fastest man and woman who complete all three days of the elite course, this year. Usually, the GL3D does not provide prizes for the winners but we felt that Heather’s prints would make a fantastic memento to what promises to be a memorable weekend of adventure in the Lake District.

Volunteer Marshals
There is a really great team of volunteer marshals who will be helping at the event this year and without their support, events like the GL3D™ really wouldn’t be possible… many thanks to you all.

Lowe Alpine
Once again, we would like to thank Lowe Alpine for their support. Please have a read of this news story for more detail.

Please have a careful read through all the information in the ‘Details’ section. If, after reading through this, you still have questions about the event, you are most welcome to contact me.

I am really looking forward to seeing you all in May!

Shane Ohly, GL3D™ Race Director