2013 Great Lakeland 3Day™ Open for Entries

29th Aug 2012

The 2012 GL3D™ was a big success with the introduction of pre-printed maps and electronic timing for the first time, helping to modernise the event. We had wanted to build on that relaxed and informal atmosphere that the GL3D™ is famous for. So, we also introduced free cakes and provided hot water and beer at the overnight camps. We didn’t need the post event survey to tell us this had been a success, but it was gratifying to know that 92% of the competitors thought these had been great additions to the event. It wasn’t 100% only because a few competitors thought the cakes were too big!!!

Above: Daniel Cronquist and Adam Neal crossing Lingmell Beck in Wasdale. Photo: Stewart Bellamy

The big change for 2013 is the introduction of two new courses and the option to enter as either a pair or solo competitor. Previously, all competitors were solo and shared one course, which averaged about 26 miles each day with considerable height gain. It was roughly equivalent to an Elite mountain marathon course in terms of difficulty. We will now be offering two additional courses that are similar to an A and B course at a mountain marathon.

Above: Gillian Clunas approaching the first checkpoint of day two in Wasdale. Photo: Stuart Bellamy

This means that competitors can choose from either an Elite, A or B course. The really exciting component of the GL3D™ is that competitors simply enter the event, and then choose whichever course they prefer on the day. This could either be Elite for all three days, Elite, B then A or any ‘mix-and-match’ combination. All competitors will still share the same overnight camp.

Above: Mark Hopkinson and Hannah Griffin all smiles as they complete day two and arrive at fantastic Troutbeck Park camp. Photo: Stuart Bondi

Of the 2012 event competitors who took part in out post event survey, 19% rated the ‘Perfect’, 74% rated it ‘Excellent’ and 7% rated it ‘Good’. We are determined to get that 7% into the excellent category at least. 97% of competitors said they would recommend the event to their friends.

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